I am having problems with the bring forth, send backward functionality - it seems to work only intermittently


I am using Firefox, and sometimes when I am trying to layer a text block over an image, the bring forward, send backward buttons stop working. It’s a bit frustrating - am I doing something that I shouldn’t?


Hey there Louis,

As our app doesn’t have a one-click ‘Send To Back’ or ‘Bring To Front’ function, you’ll need to click the ‘Send Backwards’ button multiple times to push your element all the way to the back of the pile. Every time you click that ‘Send to Back’ or ‘Bring Forward’ button, you’re pushing that element up or down by a single layer. Once you can’t move an object further backward (or forward), that option will be greyed out. 

If you find yourself trying to push an element all the way to the back or front and the button greys out prematurely, please email us at support@unbounce.com with a link to your page and we’ll be happy to take a look!


Interestingly enough, the button doesn’t grey out. It just stops working. I am wondering if it’s a browser memory issue. It’s happened to me quite often and usually will start to work at a later time. Next time it does, I’ll open a different browser instance and see if the problem goes away. If it does then emailing you the page link likely won’t help.


I’ve just opened a support ticket for you, Louis, so if you do still experience this issue (be it in Firefox or another browser), we’ll be glad to take a look at what’s going on here.