HubSpot website tracking after Unbounce form captures

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone reading can shine some light here.

After a form is submitted on one of our Unbounce Landing Page’s, we use Zapier to create or update a contact in HubSpot.

I’m wondering if once this data is in HubSpot, if HubSpot is still able to track the users website history even though they submitted the form in Unbounce.

It seems so far Unbounce form submissions do not have website history in HubSpot after the Zapier sends the contact to Hubspot from Unbounce.

Maybe this is a fault in cookie tracking with HubSpot, or I’m wondering is it to be expected that if the contact goes through Unbounce we lose this data?

Thank you

hi @tylerdye

what exactly do you mean by website history? A user on your unbounce page (assuming its on your domain) with Hubspot tracking code will get a Hubspot cookie, an unbounce cookie and other cookies that you may be firing. When the user returns to the page again, depending on the cookie expiry date the session history will be available.

However I am not sure if that was your question :smiley:
Perhaps its better to let us know what you are trying to achieve and share a URL/screenshots if possible.



Thanks Malik, all sorted.

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