Hubspot sources report help


Hey all. I have done some forum searching and a lot of Googling and have hit a dead end with troubleshooting why Unbounce doesn’t seem to pass the correct values for Hubspot’s “Original Source” field and ultimately the all-important Sources report.

Right now, we build tracking URLs using the Hubspot tracking URL builder which should ideally set a source like “Paid Search” or “Email Marketing” based on the Source from the URL. Hubspot automatically (not set by a hidden field) looks at sources in the URL and generates an “Original Source” into one of their buckets.

We have field mapping set to pass pageURL. I have also verified that the Hubspot tracking script is setup correctly, as far as I can tell.

Still, the Original Source passes as “Direct Traffic” no matter what is in the URL, and it messes up our Original Source reporting pretty dramatically.

Has anyone been in this situation before? We are at a bit of a dead end right now, and I am unsure how best to troubleshoot this with my main Unbounce account admin and our channel managers.

Here’s a sample landing page of a tracking URL we are trying to pass if you want to verify our script placement:

A lead filled out on this exact page completes as:
chandler hansen was created from Direct Traffic from – even though that isn’t correct. It should be “Other Campaigns” with the added information there.

Please help!