1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
Looking to improve conversion rates for this page, which is lead-gen and used to ‘set an appointment’. My business is Layr, a residential & commercial window film company. We market, sell and install the product, which improves energy efficiency, security and / or privacy. Thanks in advance!

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
AdWords and Facebook

3: What is your conversion goal?
Currently, ~1%, looking to get to 3/4%

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


Hi there, I´m a newbie, but I´ll contribute with what I see.
This is a screenshot of how your page gets rendered in my 13" laptop:
Not ideal. I´d start from there.

How do you know you´re getting ~1% conversion rates? Are you tracking phone calls?

I don´t know what´s the standard for your industry. But I´m surprised I´m getting a conversion rate of 30% for lead-gen (for education industry).

Are you answering chats? I´d A/B test to see if chat is beneficial or not (tricky to measure).

I don´t think people want “Stronger, safer, greener windows”. I think what they might really need is to stay warm in winter and reduce the electricity bill. I´d make that the head line (“Stay Warm in Winter…”).

I like the “Check out some of our latest”. Generates trust.

Once you get a better conversion rate, I´d include the price for m2 (if that´s possible) and test what happens at the end of the funnel (not just the page conversion rate but the acquisition cost).


Hi William,

Here’s some feedback on the page in a video for you:

Hope this helps!


That was an awesome analysis of the page, @Nicholas! Looks like the OP has implemented many of your suggestions already.

Do you work for Unbounce by any chance? I’ve been improving landing pages for some time now and would love to do this kind of remote consulting / landing page advice-giving :slight_smile: Cheers!


Thanks Jim! No, I don’t work for Unbounce. I just like to give feedback and help out here on the forum. I’m in the “Unbounce Experts” program, which is a volunteer group of some of the power users all over the world.


Dario - this is amazing feedback!!! Thank you so much - extremely helpful. Few quick notes in-line:

  • Size - indeed, that was a basic / easy win. Thanks for pointing that out
  • Conversion Tracking - indeed, it’s a little tricky across forms, chats and calls. The #s vary by page / theme. 3-4% is a good benchmark for this industry / product. Chats are actually ridiculously hard to track, for me at least
  • Chat A/B - hear you. Sometimes for a page like this you just want them to do one thing (and only that one thing)
  • Messaging - dead on. This is a ‘hero’ page and broad, as opposed to some of the more specific use cases which usually sit behind a paid ad or SEM, etc…it’s a unique product and still figuring out how to drive B2C demand (at the right cost)
  • Trust - appreciate that, the pictures are so important

Thank you so much - implemented many of these changes, will continue to iterate.



Nicholas - this was AMAZING. Thank you!

I understand your point - great feedback here. “Easy” stuff implemented.

I go back and forth re product and benefit all the time - it’s a product without much awareness - which is always a balancing act.

The others - really, really appreciated. Subscribed to your page / email ps - thank you!



Awesome! Glad you found it helpful. :slight_smile:


Hey Nicholas. Oh, awesome! Thanks for letting me know about the Experts program - it seems like something I’d be really interested in! Yeehaw! :raised_hands: