Hi, Unbounce community! I need your HELP!

I’ve integrated Viral Loops forms which is a referral software but the widgets that I’ve installed don’t show up after I published the page: they troubleshooted this and suggested to reach out to you to assist me with adding CCS code to the form to make the forms visible. Can your tech team help me make these forms work? This is what the viral loop team sent me:

Our tech team verified that there is no issue with the our widgets and the problem is based on the CSS you use.

If you place the following CSS rule, you will see that the widgets will be displayed correctly:

position: fixed;
top: 0;
left: 0;
background: red;
You need to edit your CSS for both our divs (data-vl-widget=“embedForma” and data-vl-widget=“rewardStats”) according to your needs but also to make them visible.

How do I add it for both of those widgets? Do I need to add this to the both HTML blocks, or do I just include the code that they’ve provided into the SCC section as it is?