Http redirection


How can I configure with Godaddy my “http://” redirection to my unbounce landing page ?


HI Jonathan, sorry we didn’t get to this much sooner! Go Daddy has an article in their help that describes how to setup redirects:

I’m just setting up a sample domain so I can write up an example of how to do this, as the Go Daddy control panel can take a little getting used to.


Hi Carl, did you figure this out? GoDaddy’s instructions aren’t helpful at all!


Hi Saptarshi - I just wanted to clarify, are you trying to set up a redirect to push visitors from one URL to another or are you just hoping to have your Unbounce pages show up at your own domain?

If you are sure you want to set up a redirect, the second comment in the article at… includes the steps to help you set this up.

However, if you just want to have your Unbounce landing pages appear at your custom domain, you can find the instructions to do this here. That article also includes a link to some instructions that will help you make the necessary changes in GoDaddy.