HTML placeholder Attribute


How can I do to add a placeholder in a field?


Hi there–it does require adding some custom Javascript to your page, but we do have a the basic script and a quick how-to here:…

You’ll need to edit the script for your particular form fields and the particular hint text you want to embed.

Hope this helps!


Will this ever be built in by default?


This is a great question, Cheryl! I’ve converted this from a ‘Question’ into an ‘Idea’ so the community can vote on this. We’re always looking at customer demand when we’re weighing which features to tackle next; and if a particular request is getting enough momentum it might speed the process along. Be sure to leave some feedback as to how this feature would benefit you and make your life with Unbounce easier, too.


this feature would help me a lot! please make it. soon, please.


This doesn’t seem to be linking to anything. Is there another link I could use to get this script?