How unbounce counting the conversions on a page?


Hi Team,

I set two goals on a landing page.

Goal 1 - For phone number clicks

Goal 2 - For enroll link clicks

My questions:

  1. Do you count two goals if some one clicks twice on a phone number/enroll link?

  2. Do you count two goals if some one clicks both phone number and enroll link?



You shouldn’t be setting two goals on a landing page. Tracking one goal is hard enough, doing two is overkill.

  1. For phone numbers (calls), you can use something like Callrail to track calls [ I’d recommend not to mark that as an Unbounce goal. I don’t think you can anyway]
  2. I don’t really know what you mean by enroll link. I am guessing you mean “enroll” when someone signs up. If yes, then you can certainly mark that as a goal for Unbounce to record it as such.



I want to know the logic that Unbounce is using to count the goals If one page have two goals.


I am sure others will chip in with respect to the “logic”, but then again: please don’t use two goals on a single page.

One page – one focus – one CTA – one offer – one goal.