How to View a Published Page Outside of Unbounce



How can I view a published landing page completely OUTSIDE of Unbounce?

For example, when I am in AdWords and click on my ad, it says the page doesn’t exist.

I would love to be able to type in into my browser and see the page pop up.

Since Unbounce doesn’t support IE at this time, my form button frequently doesn’t show up when I preview my page in IE due to script errors; thus, I can’t test my form. I’d love to be able to make sure my page looks and works great in IE once it is officially published.

Sara Beth
(Jenn is my boss who used to use the account)


Hi Sara! Are you *sure* you’ve actually published the page? If you have, then it should be visible to you, AdWords, and the world at your selected URL. The preview version is really there to support your work on the layout of the page, not necessarily the functionality. In fact, form submissions don’t even work in the preview mode.

Let us know whether or not you’ve published the page and we can help you from there.



Hey Carl!

They are definitely all published! We’ve been getting conversions, which we are tracking in Unbounce. They all have the blue “Published” button, except for when I make new changes and they say “new changes.” I know the unpublished button is a bright golden yellow.

Also as another way to verify that they are published, AdWords would tell me my URL is invalid and would disapprove my ad if it wasn’t published.

That’s the strange thing–it just seems like I should be able to view my pages completely outside of Unbounce by typing in my page’s URL in a browser!

~Sara Beth


Hmm. That’s fairly odd. If you copy/paste the page’s URL (you can use the small “copy to clipboard” button next to your page’s URL to do so) into a new browser window, does it show up for you? If not, what do you see?


Hi Carl,

I used the copy button and when I paste it into Firefox, I get a “problem loading page” error. In Chrome, I get an “Oops! Google Chrome can’t find” error.

~Sara Beth


Ah, ok, I think the most likely culprit is something to do with your corporate DNS. We see this every once-in-a-while. It’s possible that your office computers aren’t able to lookup the “” name. Do you have support, or a help desk, you can ask about that? I can also help you troubleshoot, but it might take a little longer. I’d ask you to open a “command prompt”, type “ping”, and send me the output. But some folks get a little nervous when they hear the phrase “command prompt”… :wink:



I’m not at all nervous about using the command prompt-- my husband has had me use it before to troubleshoot problems (he’s a software engineer).

When I ping, our DNS server can’t find it. However, when I ping the address at home using Road Runner, it works.

I will get our IT support to fix this on Monday. Thank you for helping me pin point this problem! :slight_smile: