How to validate email addresses


I have email validation enabled, but there are numerous, clearly invalid emails that are still going through, for example:

I tried exploring 3rd party email verification services, but the feedback I got was that Unbounce pages tend to strip out the validation code used by these services, causing them not to work.

Anyone else solved this problem?


Hi @ShlomoV,

The examples you’ve provided are indeed invalid emails BUT they pass the email validation check.

They passed because Unbounce has no way to know the user meant to type in gmail instead of gmal. The validation looks for the following pattern something@something.TLD

As long as the input satisfies the pattern, the validation script won’t trigger an error.

Now, there are ways you can try to fix this:

  1. There are auto-suggest scripts that tend to pick up the most popular misspelled domains and suggest to the user an alternative.

  2. There are 3rd party alternatives that can actually check if the value entered into the field can actually receive emails.

None of these two methods are 100% fool proof but it should get you close enough.

You can implement any 3rd party script you wish and have it fire before the submit function.

Here is some documentation to get you started.