How to Use Unbounce with Digital Download services such as E-Junkie?


Hi, I’m nearly finished with my first landing page intended to sell an ebook. I’m evaluating three digital download and payment processing services, E-junkie, DPD and Digital Delivery App. After that I want to use my landing page(s) to sell via one or both of Payloadz and Clickbank, to gain access to their affiliate networks.

Am I going to be able to use my Unbounce landing pages with these services? It seems as though I’ll need “buy/download” buttons either from them on the landing page, or some type of script or html code attach to a button on the landing page.

Does anyone have experience with this setup? Can you share some tips on how this is done?


I found the answer. It was much easier than I thought. Since I want to use my own slick button, I was able to simply put the link provided by the digital download service in the link field for you call to action button. When the button is clicked they are redirected to the Paypal payment page.


Hey Joe, so sorry we didn’t get you an answer on this one! Thanks for posting a followup, and good luck with your campaign!


Hi Joe

The process you’ve described is very similar to what i’m looking to do. Therefore, any advice on how best to set this up would be much appreciated.

I’m basically wanting to sell an online video download, via an unbounce page, add in the payment button which goes to a secure payment system like E-Junkie, and then direct them to the time restricted file download page. Is it as simple as that, or am I missing something? Also, is the affiliate network the only reason you are using payloadz, as they seem to offer similar things like file storage?

Thanks in advance.


As far as I can tell for e-junkie, they only provide html or javascript. Does anyone know if you can get your product button as a link from them?