How to use tracking202 and cpvlab tracking software with unbounce? please suggest me. thank you


I use tracking202 (prosper202) tracking software and cpvlab tracking software but I don’t know how to use it with unbounce. please tell me how, thank you


Hi Tanagorn - I took a look at the documentation for tracking202 and cpvlab.

For tracking202, you’d be able to use Unbounce as a landing page and iframe your offers onto your Unbounce pages. Frame code can just be pasted into the custom HTML element (in the left hand menu, it’s the widget with the two angled brackets). You won’t be able to use their single LP design option, as it requires a .php page and Unbounce pages are .html.

It looks like cpvlab just needs some custom code and tracking pixels added to your landing pages. You can do that quite easily in Unbounce from our custom Javascripts tab:….

The Javascripts tab lets you paste any custom code that you want to include onto your page and also choose it’s placement (so, for example, the cpvlabs offer pixel needs to be placed before the end body tag, which you can set from the placement dropdown in the Unbounce Javascripts panel).