How to use Tracking Pixels?


How do I add a tracking pixel into my (I assume) Confirmation pop up

If I place the code in a custom html box, is the site going to send the subscriber’s email address off to the track correctly ? Usually I’d add ?[email] to the URL 


Hi Craig, 
Which tracking script are you trying to put in? For example, is it a Facebook tracking pixel? Or an analytics tracking script? 


my question is about custom pixel (linktrackr pixel), do i put it just as a custom HTML code ?


Hi Sagi,

I take it that you are trying to track conversions via form fills, right?  If so, then you would put it on the confirmation.

I have never used linktrackr, so I don’t want to lead you astray!  Justin is a genius though so you are in good hands :slight_smile:

Best of luck,



Hi Craig, 

Judging by the link you sent over, it doesn’t appear that there is any mention of including the [email] in the URL. If by using the script provided here:, then all you’ll need to do is copy that script and paste it into the javascript console on the form confirmation dialogue. You can check out some more discussion about this subject here:…

If you have an example of the script you’re currently using to pull this email into the URL, I’d love to take a look to see how we can adapt it for use with Unbounce.



That’s right! You’d put the script in the javascript console on the form confirmation page. Thanks for helping out!

Also, you’re too kind…

Thanks man!


haha that is the pick me up GIF I needed to keep on working into the A.M.'s


Thanks for the help all you guys, I have scraped out what I needed out of it.