How to use Pardot form handlers on Unbounce


I found some old posts that mentioned they would tell me how to do this, but when I click on them they don’t go anywhere.

I would like to integrate my Pardot forms with Unbounce Landing pages. The only way I’ve seen is to include the the iframe, which is not very pretty or easy to use.

Is there a way to incorporate Pardot’s form handlers instead?



I’ll admit I am no expert in this area, but recently I had a client inquire about Pardot. Long story short a developer was hired to build a custom integration. However, depending on what is you need/want to do a Zapier integration may help

Best of luck here!


I was working on connecting them through webhooks, but can’t get it to work. Unbounce says everything connected fine, but I’m not seeing the prospects in Pardot.

Zapier would be an extra $20 to $50 per month - this is not desirable at all. It’s possible we could funnel them through Salesforce, but I may have prospects I don’t want to assign at that moment.

I want to know if there is a specific reason why it’s not working through webhooks. I thought it was weird that all the links given on threads from last year don’t go anywhere - I’m wondering if something happened to make this not work at all.


@HarmonyJones_SIQ These are all very good questions and unfortunately I do not have the answers. At this point you will need to speak with someone at Unbounce. @Justin should be able to point you in the right direction.

Best of luck!


Thanks @digibomb!

@HarmonyJones_SIQ can you link me to the thread you were looking at? We’ve been having a few hiccups with links not working just right, so I can try to get you that info.


This is the thread and this is the URL in question. [How-to] Send Leads to a Third Party Service with a Form Post

I started getting this error: “Seems the url you provided didn’t successfully respond to our tests. Your integration might not work.” not sure what it wasn’t showing up last night.



Hmmm, do these links work?


yes, I’ll see if that helps. Thanks!


I tried to follow the steps in the link you suggested. However, I was not able to implement the suggestion. I believe the issue is Unbounce wants to send the data in a specific way, and I need an endpoint on my side that will accept that information… however I have no control over how Pardot form handlers accept data and we’re not willing to invest in someone to develop this for us (after all we’re just experimenting with Unbounce at this point).

Zapier is not an option. It would be $20 a month cause Pardot is considered a premium integration, plus it won’t associate created prospects with visitor information in Pardot (this is where the ip address comes into play and I can see what other activities each new lead did on my website through Pardot). The already included Salesforce integration has a similar issue, but at least it’s free.

Creating a Pardot form and placing the iframe on the landing page is an option, and may do what I would it to… but that’s a huge pain and the reason why we wanted to use an external system to Pardot for landing pages.

I think for now we’ll go with the Salesforce integration and just manually match visitor information and prospects from it’s sync with Pardot to Pardot campaigns and visitor information. This is a pain, but doable.

If anyone has any other suggestions or thinks I missed something, I welcome the feedback.


+1 Would love an easy Pardot connection.

IFRAME really is a bad option and this client isn’t prepared to pay extra for Zapier.


After a lot of heartburn, I finally was able to solve my issue.

I had “appended data to url” selected – this was submitting data to Pardot through the URL in a way that was not accepted. It was turning first_name=testing into first_name%5B0%5D=testing and the form handler was rejecting that.

After unselecting that checkbox, the Pardot record was created successfully because it was sending the data in the POST method, not the URL, in a manner that Pardot could understand.