How to use my wildcard SSL certificate?


I have a wildcard SSL certificate for my website and want to use it to also cover my Unbounce landing pages (which are set up as a subdomain for my site). How do I go about setting up my pages to use my wildcard SSL certificate?


Hi @PTKen,

That’s not possible nowadays.
Unbounce has their SSL certificates and customers’ certificates can not be integrated.

We had that problem cause we needed a certain SSL certificate in a subdomain under the domain used by our Unbounce pages.


I thought if you have your domain set to *, the asterisk will include any sub-domains.

For example:,, all of those will be covered under the SSL certificate because it knows to cover what is placed by the *

Will that not work @Ander? If I were to guess, it would be because of how the domain is being pointed through unbounce, the ssl certificate, and the registrar and things get mixed up then the certificate doesn’t know what to do…


Thanks for the replies. I think Ander is right. It’s because I cannot place my certificate on the Unbounce servers. I had a feeling but thought I would ask in case I was mistaken.


Hi again,

You are right @Kyle.C but it only works if your domain and sub-domains are placed in the same server.
If your domain are in one server and your sub-domain is used to point to Unbounce then, the certificates are not inherit.


Ah very good, thank you for the info!