How to upload Desktop and Mobile versions of a Themeforest template as a single landing page?


Hi. We have purchased a few templates from Themeforest. The theme has two files - desktop and mobile. While uploading the template into Unbounce, I can upload it as two individual landing pages. But I want both the desktop and mobile versions to be in the same landing page as different versions. How do I upload them together or merge them after uploading?


Hi there,

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to take two separate pages (desktop and mobile) and merge them into one mobile responsive page. You could run them as two separate pages on Unbounce and use our mobile redirect script to automatically redirect mobile users to the mobile page, if the theme author hasn’t already included a script to do that.…

If you feel that you were misled when purchasing the template, you can reach out to Themeforest and they may be able to give you a refund. See….

Please let us know if you have any more questions!


How do I upload a theme from Themeforest to Unbounce and create an new landing page with that theme?


Once you download the theme in a zip file, unzip the template. There will be a *.unbounce file that appears. Log into your Unbounce account and the main “platform” page (the page that first shows up when you log in) there is a button in the upper right that says, “Upload an Unbounce Page.” Click the button. Select your *.unbounce file and you’ll get an email when it’s ready to be used. It will be listed in your “Pages” view.


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Hey Mark,

The link you provided is expired. How do we do the mobile redirect? Does this mean we have to create the page from scratch too?


Hi @Jessica_Ward,

The need for two separate landing pages (desktop & mobile) isn’t relevant anymore.

A couple of years back when Unbounce didn’t support mobile pages natively, you needed to create two versions and redirect based on screen size.

Nowadays, you can switch between desktop and mobile from your page builder. Unbounce would automatically direct traffic based on their screen size.

You most probably have an older theme so either contact the theme developer and ask them if they have a newer version or you would have to edit the mobile version yourself through the editor.



Hey Hristian,

Thanks for the reply. I unpacked a bought template from theme forest and had a desktop version and seperate mobile version. I made two seperate landing pages as I couldn’t configure the mobile version to be how I wanted it to in the original.

Is there a way to still redirect the desktop landing page to a seperate landing page thats for mobile?


Hi @Jessica_Ward,

Have you tried reaching out to the developer of the template you bought to see if they have an updated version?

You can certainly redirect to a different page for mobile devices but I would strongly advise against it. There are a couple of scripts here in the community that would allow you to do so.

However, you would add an additional view on each mobile redirect to your monthly limit. Also, you would have to keep an eye on two pages instead of one.

What seems to be the problem with getting the mobile version looking the way you want to?



Thanks Hristian,

It was just that I couldnt get the mobile version looking nice because when I move things it affects the other view. Just practice doing this I guess. For now I have done the redirect but I will know for next time to make sure I get the mobile version right before I create a seperate page.