How to turn page into variant


I made a page and then discovered that I need to create it within the variant set that I want to test it with.

I know that I can just get the html after publishing the page, but how do I fill that html into a new page, so I don’t have to create the page over?
OR is there a super simple trick that I’m not seeing?


If you go into the page management screen of the page you want to be a variant, you can click the Gear icon of the Champion variant (or whichever variant of the page you want to be a variant for another page) and click ‘Move to Page.’ This will open a prompt you can use to move that variant to another landing page as a variant. I feel as though I’ve worded this kind-of funny so if you are still having any issues with this, please give us a shout at and we’d be happy to go into more depth with this if need be!