How to Track Conversions on form submission?


i found this thread that says form dialogue boxes have their own URL

that does seem to be the case, but will using the form dialogue box unique url like hit my conversion pixel if I set up the conversion pixel to check for a-form_confirmation.html

in other words, in order to hit the conversion event checking for this URL, which of these do i need to choose (or do all of them work?)
“show form confirmation dialog”
“open URL in lightbox” >
"go to URL" >


Hi there!

Where are you looking to track your form submissions? If it’s on Google Analytics, simply use the script manager to get started.

My favorite way to track goals on Google Analytics, is through events.

Admin > Goals > +New Goal > Goal Setup: Custom > Goal description: Type = Event > Category Equals to “Form” > Action Equals to “Submit”

If you need a hand with your Facebook Pixel, my colleague @Jonathan could give you a hand :slight_smile:


Thanks! It is actually for LinkedIn but similar to Facebook in that I want to define a URL path as a conversion and I’m wondering if setting the form submission URL as the conversion event works out of the box, or whether I need to make it so that the user is dumped onto that page.

IE is that URL for the form submission actually called when you submit a form and it seems to appear in a pop out lightbox window fashion?

@Jonathan any help is appreciated!


Hi there!

If you are looking for your form confirm dialog URLs, they look like this:

/a-form_confirmation.html and


Let me know if this helps :wink:


@sgro28 Hey! I can definitely help you with the FB Pixel. Here is what you’ll want to do:

Step 1:

Add the Base Code for your Pixel in your script manager. This will only track page views. If you have many LPs, you can opt to label it differently (i.e. “WebinarLPViews” or “FreeEbookLPViews”).

Step 2:

Go into the page you want to track leads for. Important: do not do this from Script Manager, it won’t work. Once in your page, go into the “Form Confirmation Dialog”. You’ll want to add 2 scripts here:

  1. Base Code Pixel for page views. Make sure the placement is Head for this one.

  2. The Standard Event pixel for Leads. Make sure the placement is Before Body End Tag for this one. You can edit the value and currency or simply remove them. You can also edit the label and call it “WebinarSignup” or “Ebook Download” instead of “Lead” if you’d like. Important note: if you do change the label, make sure to create the custom conversion for it in Facebook later on, this way you can optimize for and track in on a per campaign basis.

Example of Standard Event pixel:

Step 3:

Time to make sure it works. Download the free Facebook Pixel Helper plugin here. Fill out the form on your landing page. Only once the confirmation dialog pops up, check the Facebook Pixel Helper plugin. You should be able to see the “Lead” and “Page Views” pixels there. You might have a warning for your “Page View” pixel, ignore that.

Hope this helped! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an inbox!


Thanks, this does help but I’m wondering if a conversion event will trigger out of the box if I base it off those URLs, or if I have to specify that the form submission opens in a new window. will the tag know that URL is hit if it does not load in a new tab or a new page? let me know if that makes sense…


Hi there!

Sorry - I am a little confused… (forgive me, I am getting ready for CTA Conference!)

Unless you specify that your form shows a thank you page on submission, it will, by default, display the dialog box. You will need to make sure that you integrate any tracking pixel(s) on that dialog box so that your visitor can be tracked.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to run a screenshare with you!


Yes a screenshare might be helpful…I will DM you directly

Need Adwords Tracking Help

@Jonathan could you give me a had to track when my a-form_confirmation.html loads using Facebook pixel please?


Hey! Sorry I’m a little slow hehe, could you explain a little more in detail what issue you’re encountering?