How to track both button clicks and direct phone calls from Adwords


Hello all.

I have thus far been able to configure and use the instructions from Unbounce on tracking either a button click for a phone call as a conversion in Adwords, OR a direct phone call from Adwords (by adding the number and then generating the conversion script and adding it to the page).

However, I haven’t really ever been able to do both at once. It’s been one, or the other.

I’m assuming there is an easy way to do this. I’ve tried a couple of times to set up both conversions at once, but it didn’t work for me, and Unbounce Support said it would not due to the fact that they both change the number dynamically and it will conflict. Can someone please confirm this to be the case?

I suppose that the thing to do would be to create the conversion tracking that using a Google forwarding number for direct phone calls, and then create an analytics goal that is imported for the button clicks.

Is it possible for someone to give DETAILED instructions on that process? I tried the instructions from Support and even called, but alas have not had success.


Hey Jared!

The Unbounce documentation (which it sounds like you’ve already looked into) will only give you the steps to track the phone call. In order to track the click, that’ll happen in Google Analytics, and they’ve got some stellar documentation that’ll help you with that here. You’ll be able to track both phone calls and button clicks.

I’m afraid their documentation is quite lengthy, and there isn’t an easy way for me to water it down into simple and detailed instructions.

I do know that @Stefano and @leah.ann both have a ton of experience in AdWords and call buttons, they might be able to help you out a bit with some instructions, but I’d check out the Google documentation regardless as it’s quite thorough.

Hopefully that points you in the right direction!


Hi Jared!

This could be done fairly simply.

If you’re using a button with a phone number you’ll need to use two scripts so that the button number will dynamically swap.

Track Phone Call Conversions In AdWords

1- AdWords conversion script for phone calls

2- Unbounce script for phone call conversions (this is the one you are missing). This script will allow the AdWords conversion script to swap both the button label and the actual number that is called when clicked.

Track Button Clicks

1- Install Google Analytics using Unbounce’s script manager

2- ‘Button Clicks’ are tracked as ‘Events’ in Google Analytics, so head on over to Behaviour > Events > Overview to view all the events that taken place on your landing page! (see screenshots below)

Let me know if this helps!


Are you able to track button clicks on a form? If so, how would you go about adding the code to the button?


Yes, you surely can!

Would that be the submit button?

You can see it as an action “Submit” above.


Yes it would be the submit button! I was curious now to add the button specific code into the tag


If you’re using the Google Analytics script integration native within unbounce, it will automatically fire these events over to Google Analytics :wink:


I did figure it out, and for everyone’s benefit, I will clarify how I did it.

First, I made sure that analytics is integrated with Unbounce (instructions are elsewhere).

Once that was done, I went into Analytics. Here’s the sequence, once you have your dashboard open for your client or your own dashboard:

  • Go to conversions
  • Click on goals
  • Add a goal with the + sign
  • For goal setup, select custom
  • Name it
  • Give it a slot
  • Choose the type as event
  • Click continue
  • Click on the event
  • For Event Category it would be “Form” if it’s a form submission, “Lightbox” if it’s a Lightbox, “Phone” if it’s a phone call (look under behavior/events and poke around to figure out what the event is).
  • Event Action would be “Submit”
  • Event Label would be the button label “lp-pom-button-xxx”. You can find this on the right hand side when you click on your button in Unbounce.

Next, just import your goal into Adwords as a conversion. There are some nice instructions on that written by Google, so I’ll defer you to that.


Also, once again, if the event action is something that is to “submit”, if you go to your events under “behavior” in Adwords, you can see what the different action labels for different kinds of events.