How to track a conversion on a sticky bar


Hi all,

I have a sticky bar set up here: (wait a few seconds for it to load up)

As you can see, there’s a clickable phone number in this sticky bar. I want to track a GA event when users click on that phone number.

I configured the sticky bar so that it integrates with Google Analytics. I did so by flicking the on/off switch next to “Fire Google Analytics events when this is shown, and when visitors convert.”

The problem: GA does track when the sticky bar gets shown to the user. However, it’s failing to track when the phone number gets clicked. How can I pull this off?

Note that I have GTM set up on the main page. However the sticky bar is an iframe element, so tracking clicks in there is a bit more difficult.




Found a solution. Not sure if it’s best practice - feel free to comment though.

I just had to embed some scripts to my sticky bar for GTM. From within GTM, I was able to set up tracking for user clicks on the phone number. Seems to work just fine.


Hey Thomas if I needed to track everything in GA, I think I would’ve done the same thing.

You could also try adding an onclick event. But I think that would have to used with a script and really that would just complicate things. I think using GTM or some UTM codes will get the job done.

onclick="ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Phone Call Tracking’, ‘Click to Call’, ‘1-888-969-1329’);


Does adding multiple instances of GTM on a page mess things up? One on the main page and one in the iframe - like will this trigger two pageviews for an “all pages” tag?


Hey @jordanm

If the event names are identical it would likely trigger twice. You can use tag assistant to verify that your tags are working how you need them to.