How to Test Your AMP Page

It is critical that AMP pages are tested to ensure there are no validation errors. Pages will only be indexed by Google if they conform to the AMP standard. Within Unbounce we currently don’t offer a way to validate your AMP pages.

After publishing you can test a page is valid using the AMP project validator. Simply enter the URL of your published page and you will be given feedback on any issues.

You are most likely to encounter errors for custom JavaScript. No custom JavaScript is allowed on AMP pages. Only AMP components should be added in the JavaScript console in the builder.

If your page has custom JavaScript errors, check in the AMP builder that you do not have either of the following:

  1. Custom JavaScript configured on the page.
  2. Global scripts configured for the domain in Script Manager. We recommend using a separate subdomain for your amp pages.

Once any issues have been resolved and you have republished, you can test your page again. You should get a validation pass this time.

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