How to specify/add: Link Tag for CSS / Script tags for JS


I’m trying to add in some javascript & CSS to unbounce.

I’ve added the .js & .css files OK but having a problem specifying the Link and Script tags.

I have created files in Unbounce called:

What I want to do is end up with code that looks like this:


But I can’t figure out the format and where to add the Link tag to the css file and the script tag to the JS file.

Any help gratefully received :slight_smile:


Hi, this article might help:…

You should be able to just drop your stylesheet contents directly into the “Stylesheets” section at the bottom of the builder window instead of having to link to it.


Thx Nicholas. Did read that article but when pasting the JS/CSS it throws up an error if no LINK or STYLE tags are added - wasn’t clear to me what was required? Is it just adding tags at the beginning & end?