How to setup the landing pages on a subdomain with Unbounce and the homepage on another host?


How to setup the landing pages on a subdomain with Unbounce and the homepage on another host?


I’m trying to create a simple setup with the homepage ( hosted on a hosting server I purchased and a landing page hosted at Unbounce( How can I achieve that?

The way I did it is I used the hosting DNS settings for the domain( with the domain registrar and then I did a CNAME setup within the hosting Cpanel to point to the landing page and used the CNAME. IS this the right setup?

Do I need to do something else? Do I need to add the subdomain at the domain registrar DNS settings as well?
Thank you in advance!


Hi David,

This is perfectly fine, depending on the server settings of your hosting it might take a while for the cname to propogate to the rest of the Internet so if it doesn’t work right away give it a few hours.

It’s pretty much exactly how I have most or my clients setup so I think you should be fine.




Hey David and Stuart! 

Stuart - thanks for weighing in here :) 

David - if you run into any other issues with your CNAME set up, please feel free to take a screenshot of your DNS settings, and send it over to our awesome CS Support team at We’d be happy to dive in and take a closer look! 



Hey David!

In addition to Stuart and Laura’s helpful comments, I also wanted to chime in and let you know we just released Publishing Pages to WordPress into Labs! 

For all curious cats, please check out this helpful Community Post that will walk you through what that means, and how you can get access.


Just an update on Lou Sturm’s reply: 
We have just officially released a  Wordpress Integration  which you can start using today! Check out the announcement and install the plugin to get started. 


Awesome news on the WP plugin Justin! I’ve literally been sitting waiting for this to be released to make Unbounce viable for us!

For Stuart and anyone else out there - I’m looking for a designer / developer to work on some unbounce landing pages for our business.

We are a lead generation business in the UK and need full service with unbounce from page design/layout custom form with jquery validation and potential external scripts for postcode lookup plus integration to our own system using our webhook API.

We have our own developers who can support but I am keen to use unbounce experts for this … Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?



Hi Rob,

Absolutely. I’d love to delve a little bit further into what your after and the scale of your project. All the above features and integrations should be fine.

Obviously more technical discussions would be needed on webhook integration for your crm but I’m familiar with webhooks having written our own for Salesforce and other bespoke crm systems for some of our clients.

Please feel free to contact me on and I’d love to discuss further and see exactly how we can help.

Many thanks and speak soon.



Hi Rob, I can help, feel free to contact me at


Knowing your Unbounce history, you’d be the perfect candidate for this task. Glad to see so many connections happening!