How to set up Naked Domain on 1and1?


I have having the hardest time setting this up.

It seem the instructions in unbounce are out of date and the chat help gave up on me.


I am trying to get www.theweightyouwant. com to work through 1and1 and it has been a disaster.

I have talked to unbounce support and 1and1 and no one seems to know anything.

I have done the cname on the www. with unbouncepages. com
I have done the A record on theweightyouwant. com

DNS Information
Domain: www.theweightyouwant. com
Mail server 1: mx00.1and1. com ,10
Mail server 2: mx01.1and1. com ,11
IP Address (A Record): <------------------ I think this is the problem

Sorry for the spaces I cant have more than 2 links it says.


Hey Shawn!

I reached out to our Support team to see if they knew anything about the communication breakdown. Our Support Specialist Kathryn will be reaching out to you (if she hasn’t already) as this will involve some information that wouldn’t be appropriate in this public form.

If you haven’t heard from our Support team, please reach out and let me know and I can help sort you out!