How to set up Mixpanel in Unbounce?


Hello guys,
I wonder how to set up Mixpanel in Unbounce in order to track all events on my built-in Unbounce landing page.

I followed these instructions on Mixpanel website:

First, install a Mixpanel tracking library. In this example, we’ll be using the JavaScript library, but there are many others (such as iOS and Android) for sending data from other platforms.
To install the library, just paste the following code into the section of your HTML page. Make sure to change YOUR_TOKEN to your actual project token, which you can find in the Settings dialog of your Mixpanel report.

I pasted the code in the Unbounce Script Manager and it says me ENABLED, but it isn’t working because Mixpanel can’t receive any data yet.

How can I set up Mixpanel in Unbounce?


Hi Andrea - Adding the Mixpanel library sets everything up for Mixpanel to track, but if you’re using the Javascript library, you’ll need to add code to track a specific event as well, since there aren’t any events set to track as a default.

Mixpanel has more info on sending events on their website here.

I wasn’t able to find your Unbounce account, so if you’re still running into issues after you add event code to your page as well, can you shoot us an email with a link to the page to


Hi Andrea, just checking in - did you get the Mixpanel up and running ok? 

If you’re not comfortable writing code using the Mixpanel Javascript API we’ve built a handy visual setup tool that will do it all for you: create Users and track User Events on your unbounce pages all direct to your Mixpanel account.

Here’s a quick link, 

Feel free to reach out to me of you have any questions,

Paul | CEO