How to send lead info back to Unbounce (for dashboard)in a custom form?

I built a custom form for an email capture to send leads to our ESP provider via a JS listener. The ESP is Cordial.

That is currently succeeding and behaving as expected, but now I am unsure how to also send the lead info I am collecting in my custom form back to Unbounce so that it also appears on our Unbounce dashboard.

Is there any documentation or previous use cases that explores this? Thanks in advance!

So as far as I know there are two potential options:

  1. External Conversion Goal - (this probably doesn’t suit as they would need to then be sent elsewhere to track)
  2. I believe there is an ancient post about sending an ajax call which could be done as a success callback from your custom form using jQuery:

Here is the thread for No 2: Set Custom HTML Button as Conversion Goal

I’d certainly be interested in any more up to date methods personally :slight_smile:

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