[How to] Send customer to email service provider/email inbox


I am thinking about a new workflow for my landingpages.


  1. Customer clicks to submit a form on my page
  2. The confirmation window appears, which contains a button
  3. The button automatically opens the customer´s email inbox

Step 1 & 2 are feasible with standard unbounce functions, but I have no idea how to implement step 3.

Does anyone of you guys have an idea how to do this?

Best Regards


Hi Daniel,

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Why not just have a form on the page that the visitor can use to send the message?


Hi @Daniel_E,

If I understand correctly, you want to load the customer’s web email client.

Although it is possible, I would advise against it.

  1. You would have to write a lot of custom JS that would swap out the link on the button. (This assumes the customer is logged into their email client)

  2. The script would have to contain links for all the various web email clients. You can’t possibly account for all of them. How would you handle custom domains?

Last but not least, your less technically aware customers might think you have access to their email which you don’t but might seem that way.



Thank You for your Feedback.

The goal why I wanted to test something like this is be to improve my DOI-rate, through directing customers directly to their web mail provider after submitting their email adress in an unbounce confirmation form, earlier.

If something like this is really too complicated, then I have to think of something else. I did not take the special cases you mentioned into account.