[How To] Require A Business Email In Your Unbounce Forms

Hi Tina,

Can you share the landing page URL? I’d be happy to take a look. :slight_smile:

Can someone take a look at my page? I have checked and it looks like I added the script correctly but it is not triggering when I test the form.

Is it possible to adjust the script to somehow capture emails that are formatted a certain way? Reason being, we have A LOT of spam leads coming in that are all formatted like “FirstMLast@randomdomain.com.” Obviously, the values change (ErikJSmith, GeorgeWBush, etc…) but the formatting does not. We can use this script above, but also don’t want to lose conversions for those with legitimate gmail, hotmail, etc… email addresses. I know it’s a long shot, but worth asking. Thanks.

I believe this may be something better asked to a developer on your side… I would think this would be possible but don’t know enough to say for certain.


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Hi All - thanks for the script! This is working to block free domain emails in Unbounce, apart from the leads that attempt to use free emails seem to still be sent through to Hubspot using the Unbounce integration. i.e. they’re not showing in the “leads” section on Unbounce (so not being captured), but the lead data is still being passed through to Hubspot.

I’m assuming this is because the integration with Hubspot happens before the check in the form happens? Has anyone experienced this before and knows a fix?