How to replicate some changes in other variants


Hi all,
I’ve create a page a while ago and some variants from this page afterwards. The campagn is not working very well so I’ve made some changes on the master page, and I want to replicate all changes to the variants, how do I do that ?



Following this. I have a main template that I use a dozen times. When I have to make a change, I have to go to it in every single version out there.


Making edits to multiple pages or variants is not a supported feature.

The bulk changes we can make are currently related to things like, page publishing, deleting, moving to groups, etc. In many ways, variants are completely different web pages. While they may have similarities to the others it is still something that is edited differently and individually.

What I like to do when I need to make MAJOR changes to pages and their variants, is to remove the old variants. Then, make new variants from the “master”. This way I can go in and make the smaller variant tweaks and still keep whatever big picture changes I needed to make.

I have found that copying variants around and then making the smaller tweaks is the best solution.


I do the same and it’s really annoying…