How to remove unindex, no follow

Hello, I am trying to get my Landing Page indexed by Google, but I found this meta name=“robots” content=“noindex, nofollow”> in my landing page which prevent any search engine to crawl my page. My landing page website is

Can anyone check? Or having the same issue as well?

Hey @abrahmarsi :wave:

Essentially what our robots.txt file does is stop Google from crawling all of the external links on the landing page. We add clk wrappers to all external page links in order to help with tracking conversion goals and if you were to input that clk wrapped URL directly into your browser it would just show a page 404 (Unbounce redirects the person going to that link if it’s clicked on the page so no 404 appears). If Google crawls those links and see’s the 404 errors this could negatively impact your page ranking which is why we have that robots.txt file on the page.

Hope that helps!