How to remove the Wordpress multisite tool bar


I just created a landing page when I go to the landing address the wordpress toolbar its shown as this screenshot


Hey There - That toolbar will pop up on a Wordpress page you have edit access to if you’re logged into your account. Is this an Unbounce page that you built? Can you share the URL with us?


Hello Quinn

Thanks for the quick response!

The toolbar shows while logged or logoff

Here es the link of the Unbounce page I created



Hey Waldemar - so, it looks like that page is built directly in Wordpress. It’s definitely not an Unbounce page though, so I won’t be able to give a ton of insight. The default, from my understanding is for that toolbar to only pop up if you’re logged into your own site if your Wordpress account is paid or self-hosted. Wordpress’ own forum will be able to provide some more insight though.


yes, it’s admin tool bar: you can hide it in your profil settings… here is a tutorial…