How to question the crowd about a celebrity's impact on conversions?


One of our clients is toying with the idea of having a celebrity endorser. 
Except, their staff, and our team are divided in various ways. Some say “oh he’s too old school, and most people don’t know him”, and some say “well, looks like he is quite known by many”

Of course, we can’t go on hunches so we were thinking of a Qualaroo style survey on their website. 
Problem is, we’re hitting a wall on figuring out what the best verbiage would be without sounding like everyone is clueless about who the celeb is.

Any ideas?


Hello Mark,

I wanted to address one way that you can get an idea of how familiar your audience is with the celebrity.  

You might be able to craft a test Facebook ad targeting your niche audience and add the celebrity as an interest.  Should give you an idea of how large that target audience is, the cost to reach them and whether it is even worth moving forward with the survey.  

The estimates presented by Facebook for the size of the audience will not be exact, but you can then start weighing in your mind the cost of the endorsement vs. the roughly estimated relevant audience.  Then of course you can run a survey to see how high people hold this celebrity in regard.



You could poll the audience on some of the work the celebrity has done. i.e. have you seen xyz movie, abc movie, def movie and have the celebrity be in 2 of the three. If the majority of the audience chooses the 3rd option then that might help understand how well perceived he/she is.

Joe’s answer is a little more scientific.

Good luck!


Thanks guys! These are great and actionable solutions!

Joe, my only question would be - if targeting the audience that likes the celebrity, wouldn’t the interest be much higher than the other audiences?


Hey Mark,

Send me an email joe (at) and I’ll walk you through how to do it.