How to quantify if an A/B test is creating more MQL's


Hey! I just want to pick some brains regarding qualifying a lead through Unbounce.

I have made a call to action change that I hypothesis will qualify a buyer further. The a/b test is showing a 12% decrease in my page conversions with the new CTA but we have seen a slight increase in sales. How or can I attribute this change to the LP, what would you do to keep the change if you believe its working. If it helps here is my LP:

CTA change:
From: I want to -
To: Get a quote for -


Hi @T_Mamalick! Are you using any type of CRM for this page?


This is a great question @T_Mamalick! I foresee some really interesting conversation. I’d like to loop in @jimothy and have him weigh in on this (if he’s around).

My instinct says that fewer conversions with increased sales means you’re targeting a smaller, but more applicable cohort of visitors. But I’d still defer to the @Unbounce-Experts :100:


Hi @T_Mamalick I tried clicking on the link but it says it doesn’t exist on the server :frowning:

To piggy-back on what @Jonathan asked about the CRM… the reason he/I ask is because without knowing about the full life-cycle of the lead we can’t really answer the question (with data).

Depending on what happens in the sales/nurturing process you may/should be able to give partial credit to the landing page. However, it is going to depend on a few factors first and foremost your attribution model. In order to give accurate credit to the LP you will most likely have to use position based modeling. Time decay modeling (popular in Google Ads now) will not give enough credit to the initial touch… again depending on the length of your sales cycle. Lots of variables unfortunately.

Long story short. With a good CRM integration and accurate tracking of touch points you should be able to show your c-suite that a/b testing has has a positive impact on sales.

Hope that helps a little bit!



Hey guys,

Great questions! Here is the updated link:

I have not set up any system to play nicely with Unbounce it is my next step. The problem I am running into is the fact that my “quote” system or form was an internal build and lives in Airtable. When a lead presses one of the two conversion buttons on the LP they are taken to an SPA that submits like a form. The form fields move to Airtable and I have automations set up to pull the information to Salesforce (including GCLID for ads).

Can I pull the specific LP into Salesforce and attribute it from there, or is there a better way to do this with GA and GTM?


Hey back @T_Mamalick! Yes there is definitely a way. If all your form fields are being pulled into Salesforce, you can create a hidden field in both page variants. That field would carry over the LP name into Salesforce. @Stefano does this in our team all the time :slight_smile: I’m sure he’d be happy to give you a few tips on how to make that happen if you need.


Hey Jonathan,

Thank you! I did find a resource yesterday (for anyone looking Trailhead is a great Salesforce training resource) that has a lesson on how to get this to work. I didn’t even think of hidden fields. I will have to get Salesforce up and running before I know it works but I appreciate your help!

Thank you,