How to Provide PDF after Form Submit


How to I make a PDF available for viewing or download after one of my leads submits a form on my landing page?


Hey there Paul,
Excellent question! You can learn more about how to make a PDF available once a form has been filled in on your page by visiting this link
Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


Thanks Helen, I actually finally figured this out on my own after some heavy searching around the site. 

Thanks again!


Hey Paul, glad to hear you found the answer. You mentioned you had to search around a fair bit - do you have any thoughts on how we could make it easier to find this kind of information in the future? I’m always interested in learning how we can make our Knowledge Base the best, most accessible resource possible. :slight_smile:


Hi Helen, I was unable to track down a helpful article in the community or on the documentation page. Given the title of the article you directed me to, I was not entering search criteria that would have gotten me to your article. So perhaps just making the article available under more titles would mean it would be easier for people to find the help they need. The steps are straightforward in the article, and easy to follow, I just could not find the article to help when I needed it. I was searching things like Uploading PDFs, Attaching PDFs to forms etc. 


Thanks for your insight, Paul! I’m going to ensure we pull more keywords for that article to help make it more available, as I’ve noticed that article does seem to be particularly tricky to find right now…!
I really appreciate your time in helping me make the Knowledge Base a stronger resource! 


And any clues about using third-party PDF forms like this instead of built-in ones?