How to override default breakpoint?

+1 I would like to have an editable breakpoint option too.

This is also an issue when viewing the page in landscape on mobile phones. Some page elements aren’t compatible with mobile so we need to remove them in the mobile variant, but a user viewing the page in landscape on a mobile device will see these broken elements. Please fix asap.

Yeah would love to see a custom breakpoint.

For me this is a deal-breaker I think. I was about to convert to Unbounce from Lead Pages after seeing Oli talk at an event earlier in the year.

My Lead Pages membership (annual) is due to expire very soon and I was going to make the switch to Unbounce. But the single breakpoint issue is a bad one for me :frowning:

I get the issues and constraints etc and the fact it’s important to make the site easy to use for folks, but still… I’d LOVE a 2nd, custom breakpoint!

This seems to have been requested multiple times over the last year or two though, with no solution or even ETA of a solution as far as I can tell, which makes me sad!

I’m now going to have to have a big rethink of moving from Lead Pages to Unbounce :frowning:

@Christopher_Robert What i ended up doing was using a CDN for bootstrap/materializecss/ etc. using their grid system i and custom coding html i was able to fix this issue.

I agree with you-- Its a shame that unbounce neglects these breakpoints out of the box. Clearly everyone doesn’t function their web views @ 600px OR 1600px width. Furthermore, not being TRUELY responsive, and stumbling upon a clipped page chips away at my brands credibly in the eyes of a new user.

After 2 years, @Carter has this request/issue been fixed? @Christopher_Robert any proposed solution?


Unbounce team, any ideas if this will be fixed?

Trialing unbounce in late 2019 and experiencing the same issue… which makes this product a no-go for me.

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+1 for an editable breakpoint, actual fluidity would be ideal to reach all of the device edge cases. Thanks.

+1 for editable breakpoint or at least have multiple default breakpoints right out of the box.

my boss just asked me why half of our site disappear when he resizes his browser. this is no good.

Apparently there is a breakpoint adjustment that can be made with a custom script. Any chance someone out in the Unbounce world can share how that is done?
Many Thanks