How to optimize landing pages for printing?


How can I optimize my lead generation pages for printing on Microsoft Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox?

When trying to print Unbounce forms, browsers render the files differently and in most cases the print version looks radically skewed and unprofessional. I understand that the landing pages are not optimized for print, but I still have prospective leads who will undoubtedly print pages and submit them to our sales teams. I want to know if anyone has suggestions for how to better design the pages to print professionally and or add a print style sheet to the page.

Many thanks!


Hi Alex - thanks for posting!

I just wanted to post my previous response to this question onto this thread in case any other customers are wishing to optimize their landing pages in the same way.

To optimize your page for printing, you would want to create a CSS file which connects to a link on the page for printing which includes a tag like "media=“print” " This is a helpful article which discuses this setup:…

Unfortunately this is not fully supported by Unbounce and so we would not be able to speak specifically on this type of CSS file but to assist you further, below I have provided a link to our Unbounce Answers page which speaks on applying custom CSS to an Unbounce landing page:…

Once the necessary CSS file has been created, and the print link has been tagged appropriately, you can then use the method described in the article to apply the CSS into your Unbounce page.

I hope this is helpful but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.