How to open unbound page file


how to open unbound page file


Hi Vaibhav, 
What exactly are you looking to do with the .unbounce files? If you’re trying to open an .unbounce file outside of the page builder, you won’t be able to do that as the files are only used in the Unbounce page builder. Can you let us know what you’re attempting to do with the .unbounce file? 


thanks i got it i was attempting to open page outside 



i’m now at this, just start using unbounce a week before.

i already made an unbounce page. download the page and sent it to client. they made a few changes and then ask me to tidy them up, but how do i open the unbounce file that they sent to me?


Hi @emiliana_design,

You need to load the Unbounce file through your own Unbounce account.

Once inside your account, you’ll find the “Upload an Unbounce Page” button in the top right corner. Click it and follow the prompts.