How to not have clkn ruin Google Analytics cross-domain tracking?


For Google Analytics cross-domain tracking, a query parameter with the GA cookie needs to be added to every outbound link on the page that points to an external domain. The GTM & the AutoLink option, this is done automatically. The plugin basically looks for any links that point to a domain that isn’t yours & appends the GA cookie parameter to the URL.

BUT Unbounce clkn breaks that functionality, because it makes external links look like internal links. Therefore, the AutoLink plugin doesn’t recognize them as external links and doesn’t append the GA cookie parameter.

This is a BIG problem with one of our clients.

Does anyone know a workaround?


Hi Ben,

Good question. I’ve heard of a few different approaches to this, although I have not tested them myself. You might want to check out this reply to a similar thread, where @sberman shared a script that might help. Although it is a bit old and as I mentioned, it’s not been tested personally.


Thanks Nicholas. This worked perfectly.


Awesome! Glad to hear that.