How to move pages (stats, scripts, custom domains and all) from one account to another?


I’ve been waiting for an answer from support for a few days and it seems no-one is manning the live chat frustratingly. Hopefully someone can help here.

so the mission is to move pages from a BASIC account to another while retaining all the data, info, scripts, custom domain URLs - EVERYTHING still online and working

yes, I know you can have the .unbounce file of ONE page sent via email and reuploaded into new account

This is slow, painful and even more importantly, custom domain URL of the page will be offline cos from what I’ve read, the custom URL of the page breaks and reverts back to the unbounce URL which doesnt help when you’re driving paid traffic to the pages

and no, this isn’t an agency account with sub accounts etc

Would love any advice!



Hi @jump We can transfer domains (and all the pages associated with the domain) between accounts for you via our Support team. Apologies if you haven’t heard back from us! We respond to emails within the day so if you emailed us you should have received a response. Sometimes our responses get stuck in a spam filter though, so it’s possible you didn’t receive it due to that. Could you try sending us another email to If you want to direct message me the email address you sent the first ticket in from I can search for the ticket in our system to try and find it as well.

Our live chat availability is based on volume, if the chat widget doesn’t appear in app during our Support hours it means all our coaches are currently helping other customers. If that’s the case I’d recommend checking back in a few minutes. You can always email us or give us a call as well at 1-888-515-9161 and we can help you that way!

Hope you’re having an awesome day!


Just messaged you with all the details @Rob

Look forward to the help

Thank you