How to make search / filter on Unbounce page


I have multiple requests:

  1. I want to apply filter / search on my unbounce Page.

  2. I want to dynamically populate the page and use some template for placing the Product details, as the number can increase/ decrease depending on the search/filter. (This also applies to above requirement)


Hi Mahajan, 

Can you give me an example of what you would need this functionality for? What problems would this solve for you?

It would also help to provide a link to an example page showing what this looks like. 



Hi Justin

Thanks for replying back.

To Understand my problem, we can refer  this example :

This is a landing page for a particular product. But it has number of listings. I want to search on this page (apply filters).

Page has to be dynamically populated with Different  Product details.

As Search result is dynamic we want to use some template to populate  the Unbounce Page.

Thanks in advance … 


Any progress on this?


Hi @josh360,

Although making a search/filter function on an Unbounce page is technically possible, it really depends on the particular use case.

Unbounce is the best tool for quickly designing, launching and A/B testing landing pages.

A solution that would allow a visitor to filter results on the page would require a lot of custom development in terms of scripts and styling. Hence making the whole process of launching a landing page a lot more slow and expensive.

At the end of the day, I’m not sure if it would be worth it to implement through Unbounce.

If you can provide us with an example of what exactly you are trying to achieve, we might be able to point you in the right direction on how to more easily accomplish it with Unbounce.



@Hristian here is a great example of what I’m hoping to recreate:


Hi @josh360,

I took a look at your example.

Yes, a script that would filter results as per your example is possible but with 1 big drawback…

You would have a lot of empty space towards the bottom of the page if the applied filter has a smaller number of products.

Essentially, you would build the page with all products visible. Once the filter is applied and products are removed/hidden to show only the relevant once, you would end up with empty space beneath the last product.

All of the above applies if the products are known and not dynamically generated.

Like I said in my previous post, it might be easier to build a landing page like that from scratch.



Thanks for the reply!