How to make Dyanmic forms from 3rd party API?


I have a form on my website which works based on API like following way.
Year (Dropdown) with prefilled data.
Make of Car (Dropdown) when you select year, 1 API call respond to CAR we have for that Year.
Modle of Car (Dropdown) when you select year + make , 1 API call respond to data we have for that Year + Make.

Is there is option in unbouce forms to make it work? If not how can I make it work and store data at Unbouce as well as my API system. I know webhook is there to send data but how to fetch and display data in form, is my biggest concern.

Hello Tejas! Thanks for your question. Here is a link to a previous post which may help:

Let us know if this works or if you need something else :slight_smile: