How to make a domain name?


I’ve already have domain name “”. I would like to make a domain for landing page. I tried to use ""; but it didn’t work. How can I make a domain for landing page?


I don’t totally understand the above answer. I’m using godaddy, so I just go into my settings, manage where my CNAME points to, and put How will it know which unbounce page I am? Thanks in advance!


Hello Steven,

Welcome to the community.  Depending on which domain registrar you use it will be slightly different.

Don’t fret because it is not too hard.  All you have to do is going into that domain’s settings and have the CNAME point to

I have attached a link below to contact the Unbounce customer service if you have any further difficulties.

Best of luck,



I guess the short answer is that it doesn’t, but no need to worry about that.  You are telling it that is hosting the subdomain.…