How to integrate Unbounce with Hubspot: Custom dropdown form fields


So guys, here’s whats happening. I’ve already opened tickets to both Unbounce and Hubspot support but need to get more feedback on all of this asap.

I have this landing page with a dropdown option that says “What type of professional are you?” with the following options in Hubspot:

Label: Sales and Marketing Executive (Value: persona_1)
Label:  ** Marketing Agency Owner** (Value: persona_2)
Label:  ** Young, Tech-savvy Entrepreneur** (Value: persona_4)
Label:  ** C-Level Executive** (Value: persona_6)
Label:  ** Others** (Value: persona_8)

Once I connect this form with Hubspot the information is not properly being processed into the platform. Hubspot does get the information, however, it’s not actually processing it as the actual personas setup in the platform.

Hubspot told me I’m using the LABELS in my Unbounce forms and that I should be using the VALUES instead. However, if I do add the values “persona_x” that is what my end user is going to see on the form. And obviously how can I get that working properly?

I hope my question makes sense and someone’s able to help me… I’m really frustrated to think such awesome tools we’re using at our company might not actually connect the way we need. And honestly, this doesn’t seem like rocket science or something too unique that we’re trying to do.

Thanks for the help!


By the way, these persona values are not customizable in Hubspot.


There is some solution to that?
I need to do the same with country names anche country ID. eg (United Kingdom > GB, Italy > IT, Germany > DE etc.)