How to integrate Unbounce > GoToWebinar > MailChimp


I am currently setting up a webinar - below is my process 

unbounce > mailchimp > confirmation email with calendar links sent to subscriber

The problem I am facing is the registration process with
GoToWebinar.  GoToWebinar has an additional registration page that produces unique registration urls & their own data base to automate reminder emails. Having a double registration pages is not ideal for the current system I have in place and I do not want to use their conformation email.

I would like to use my own custom email from MailChimp using GoToWebinars custom registration calendar links. How do I integrate this process?


Trevor, the form on unbounce maps directly to your Mailchimp list that is why Goto is also asking for registration. You could try setting up a Zapier “zap” that would send the new MailChimp opt in to the goto webinar registration. In your mailchimp and unbounce list mapping you can select from the dropdown to use a custom email instead of a welcome email so the standard welcome email wouldn’t fire at the opt in.


Can I pull a generic Goto url in my mail chimp email allowing users to add the webinar to their calendar. Rather then a custom one in GoTo since I already have the subscribers info from my landing page?


If you do want to use the integration process:
unbounce > mailchimp >  custom confirmation email (triggered from signing up on unbounce)

You can use GoToWebinars generic URL:

Just be sure to include your 9 digit Webinar ID in the calendar invite!

Helpful post from HubSpot on inserting calendar invitesinto your custom email

Hope this helps!