How to install Google's AdWords Website Call Tracker?


Here are the insructions:…

I’m not sure how to workaround not being able to edit the

How do I complete this step:

Add the second code snippet within the body of your page. The examples below show how to implement this code snippet in two different use cases.

Get a telephone number and replace contents of all spans of the given class. In this example, the phone number “1-800-123-4567” inside the span tag will be replaced with the formatted forwarding number:



Hi Phillip - Rather than put it directly into the body tags, you can use a jQuery function to run the script on page load:

$(function(){ <br />
 _googWcmGet('number', '1-800-123-4567'); <br />
}); <br /> </script>```   
You'll have to manually add the span tags to any phone numbers on your page.   
It's also important to note that you can't actually test the functionality without clicking through from a live ad, since Google's script doesn't actually kick in unless that happens.   
There's an additional thread here on the same topic that might interest you as well: [](