How to get the referrer for abandoned pages?


Anyone any suggestions on how to log the referrer if the page is abandoned ?
I’d like to be able to analyse whether certain search terms in the originating web site result in a page being abandoned ? i.e if the search term is too generic, it may be that the user’s interpretation of what that term means is different to ours, and thus I’ve paid for a PPC on a word which always ends up with an abandoned form.


Hi  David,

Just a thought but you should be able to see this using a mixture of Google Analytics (raw numbers) and Webmaster tools (specific search terms). As soon as the page is accessed it should trigger the Analytics which is not dependent on the form being submitted.

Further setting goals in Analytics will give you the ability to track what’s converting and what’s abandoned.

If you use url parameters in your Adwords destination URL you should be able to segregate the results in Analytics by campaign, term (search query) and be able to track where in your sales funnel each campaign receives it’s highest abandonment and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Feel free to PM/Email me if  I can help explain any further. 




Thanks Stuart, but in this particular case the PPC isn’t coming from Google, but from an industry specific site that doesn’t have such advanced features :frowning:


Ahhh ok, I’m sure there is a work around, we use quite a few different PPC providers, not  just the main ones and generally as long as we can setup destination urls that are specific to the keywords/campaign groups that we are bidding on it can be done with manual tagging. Good luck in your search though, there’s always a solution somewhere!