How To Get Rid Of Plus Signs (+) Included In Webhook


I have created hundreds of landing pages in Unbounce over the years, and have nearly all of them posting a webhook into Zapier, at which point different things happen.

For some reason, with a recent webhook - a plus sign is included instead of a space in all of the values that are passed via webhook.

For example, when I view the contents of the webhook in Zapier, I see this for the city field from my landing page:

data.json__city: Sioux+Falls

Does anyone know why that plus sign is there? Is there a way to get rid of it via custom script on the Unbounce side, or something like that?

In the past, I’ve never run into this issue and it has always looked like this: data.json__city: Sioux Falls

I am using dynamic text insertion on this landing page, which is the only thing that is different about this page. Can anyone lend some insight?