How to get rid of horizontal scroll bars on responsive templates?


When I’m working with the mobile templates and the new responsive design, it seems like there’s no option to edit the width on the mobile page? On the mobile side, that width is grayed out and uneditable. How do I edit that so that I don’t have horizontal scroll bars on my iPhone pages? I’d like it to just be 100% of screen width. 



Hi Amanda - we did find a bug that was affecting a small number of pages and creating scroll bars like you’re describing. We’ve run a fix for that now, so you’ll just need to republish your page and they should disappear.

By default, when the mobile view loads it should snap to 100% of the screen width.

If you republish and you’re still seeing the same issue (or if we can help with anything else), please shoot us an email at with a link to the page and we can dig in to see what the specific issue might be.



Hello Quinn,

I’m getting the same issue. Could you help me?