How to get a responsive landing page?


I bought an unbound theme from Themeforest. I was asked to download 2 files - one for desktop and other for mobile. Does that mean that for my eventual landing page, I will have to choose between the two and that I will not have a responsive landing page that works for both desktop and mobile? Thanks


Hi Sandeep - The page won’t be responsive (that’s not a feature we currently support, though we’re close to rolling out a responsive beta test), but you won’t need to choose between one or the other.

We’ve got redirection scripts that you can apply to your page that you can find here: New mobile redirection script

You can either set-up a blank page with your desired URL and then redirect to either the desktop or mobile version. Or just put a redirect on your desktop page that will redirect only desktop traffic. You’ll find both scripts in that link above.


Hi Sandeep,

As of right now, landing pages created in Unbounce are not truly responsive just yet, so pages are not able to automatically scale themselves to fit the device they are being viewed from. That’s why if you’re expecting to see a sizeable amount of mobile traffic, it’s good to use a mobile-friendly template paired with our mobile-redirection script.

The template you’ve purchased already includes both web/mobile versions, which is great as it takes most of the work out of this equation. Depending on the template, there might be a mobile direction script built-in already - but if not, you can grab the updated script here:

Rest assured, responsive is a feature that our developers are working super hard on - and we’re actually in the middle of alpha testing now. We have a bit more work before we roll out a public beta, but if you’re interested, you can follow our progress on responsive here:…


Hey everyone!

We just moved into open beta for our Mobile Responsive feature. For further information check out the community post below:


Hey Everyone!

I’ve very excited to announce Mobile Responsive has officially launched! Every user now has access to the new tools enabled within the builder.

If you have any feedback let us know! We’ve love to hear it.