How to drive Adwords traffic to url of matching UVP when split testing


Hi, I would like to test 2 different uvps, hence I’ve set up 2 variants in Unbounce. Then to drive traffic to this url, I’m intending to use Adwords. But since their uvps are different, this means I have to create 2 separate ads of the 2 different uvps. This ensures a visitor clicks on ad A to see landing page with UVP matching A, and same for B.

Question is how is this possible if both A and B share the same url?



Great questions! I just encountered this today - Had to create a new Ad Group for it…If there is another way, would love to know as well!



Hi Marilyn,

Great question! It sounds like what you’re looking to accomplish actually doesn’t require two separate variants, but two separate pages instead. If your UVP’s are so unique that they require two separate ads, then the best way to match these up would be with two separate pages (each with their own url) with matching UVP’s. This way you’re essentially marketing two different values of your product separately.

I’m guessing that one of your main goals is to A/B test to see which value proposition converts better, so pitting these ads against each other in AdWords and measuring the success of each campaign overall might be your best bet. If both pages have 100% matching designs, and the only thing different is the UVP and ad campaign that drives them there, then you’ll be able to get a pretty good overall view of how these are performing.

I would be interested to hear how others in the community have dealt with this in the past. Anyone want to chime in?


Thank you Justin, yes, I initially wanted to take advantage of Unbounce split test features and thought there’s a setting somewhere I’ve missed out. But creating 2 pages the does the trick anyway. Thanks for your help!


Hi Marilyn - That definitely helps to clarify things.

Good news is that using Unbounce’s dynamic text replacement feature, you could use one landing page, run your A/B test, and dynamically change the headline to the ad your visitors clicked. Which should let you do exactly what you outlined.

However, I’d keep in mind that since you’d be testing your ads in AdWords, using different headlines for each in Unbounce, and A/B testing, your test results might get a bit muddied.

Let me know if you’d like to chat about dynamic text in more detail and we’ll give you a shout. It would be great to see we could help you achieve what you’re looking to do.

For a quick overview of how dynamic text replacement can help you exactly match your landing pages to your ads, check out the video at…


Thanks Ryan, I’m checking out the video on dynamic text now, shall see how it works first.



Sounds good! Once you’re done, either me or Ryan can jump on a call with you directly and answer any questions you may have about how it works, or how to get this set up. Just let us know!